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Tips for Storing Your Winter Clothes During the Warmer Months - Storage Container

As the days get longer and temperatures begin heating up, having to keep your bulky winter parka or jacket in your closet might make your sweat just by looking at it. Getting your winter clothes out of sight and out of mind is a great feeling, and frees up a lot of room in your closet for clothes better suiting the weather.


So where are you going to store all of these jackets and heavy clothing if not in your closet? Not everyone has extra areas just to store excess seasonal clothing – many opt to move these items to a garage or storage facility. Whatever your angle is, your storage space should be geared toward you and your needs. Read below for some helpful tips for storing your winter clothes optimally during the summer months.

Donate Any Unworn or Unwanted Clothing

There’s no use in taking the time to store and organize things that you don’t wear. Go through your winter clothes and figure out what you wear, and what you don’t (or just what doesn’t fit anymore). Keep the things you love and are excited about, and donate the rest or give away to friends or family.


Clean Everything Before Storing

After the long summer, you don’t want to open all of your heavier clothing again and find it unlaundered and smelly. You’ll want to be able to use your things immediately. Storing clothes that haven’t been cleaned beforehand can also attract pests or create bad odors while your things are stored away.


Fold and Organize Things Before Packing

You don’t want to take your things out after months of being in storage, and find them damaged, stretched out, or excessively wrinkled because you didn’t fold or hang things properly.


Use Storage or Garment Bags

Keep your clothes protected from pests, odors, and from the elements by storing them in vacuum sealed plastic or garment bags. For more expensive materials like fur or leather, store them in individual garment bags as well for added protection.


Label Everything!

Organize your items and keep track of them by labelling everything accordingly. Don’t lose your things and streamline your storage process by categorizing your things (plus it’s an excuse to use a label maker!).


Choose the Right Storage Option

No matter if you’re storing your things in a garage or at an offsite storage unit, make sure your storage options are clean, dry, and optimized for your needs. If you’re going with a storage unit, make sure it is well sealed and built to withstand the elements, and preferably is climate controlled. Don’t store things in cardboard boxes or other containers that can easily be damaged when moving or by the elements.

Great Lakes Kwik Space offers a variety of different storage solutions to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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