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A lot of students are moving out of dorms or student housing in the coming months, and might be wondering where to store their things in between leases, or in between school semesters. In order to avoid moving things from a dorm or apartment to a friend’s space, or back to their parents’ house before moving into a new space, many may be looking for options to cut down on how many things need to be moved, and to how many different locations.


Stay Organized

Before packing, it’s imperative that your space is clean and already organized. Don’t leave organizing and decluttering to the last minute, or even worse – while you’re moving. Pack up off season things first to easily get a start on clearing your space.


Don’t Clutter Others’ Spaces

When in between leases, it can be hard to figure out where to store your things. Bringing things to your parents’ house will lead to excess clutter at their home, and might leave you bringing more things to your new home than you brought to theirs. It also causes you to have to move an extra time when transporting your things from your old location, to your parents’, and then to your new place.


Storing things in a friend’s basement could leave your things exposed to pests, climate problems, or the elements. Hauling things to any of these locations can also be expensive and arduous.


Storage Options for Your Move

Don’t stress about finding space for your stuff – move your things into a mobile storage unit or into an offsite storage facility. Many storage facilities offer month-to-month or variable options, so short or long term storage won’t be hard to find. Many facilities will send a truck to transport your things to their new unit, or will at least helping you save on moving expenses by transporting your things to and fro. These storage facilities are also secure, climate-controlled, and offer many sizing options for your things.


Start researching today to make your transition period in between semesters stress-free and easy. Don’t put yourself through several moves for no reason – store your things safely and easily at a storage facility or in a portable storage container.

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