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Purchasing a Portable Storage Container? Red Flags to Look Out for Before You Buy - Storage Container

Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned pro, it can be easy to overlook flaws in portable storage containers that are being offered by less-than-reputable sources. Luckily for you, Great Lakes Kwik Space has created an easy guide so you can avoid red flags and make sure you’re getting the best quality storage container possible. Don’t want to worry that you’re missing red flags? Learn more about our high quality and secure storage containers buy giving us a call at 800-966-1016. 

  1. Incorrect Container Sizing

Getting the wrong size container for your space or project is a frustrating and regrettable error that is regrettable, but easily avoidable. Make sure to take measurements prior to purchasing, and do your research as to what sort of container would suit your needs best. This will also let you get a little more information so you can avoid overpaying for your shipping container. Storage containers come in a wide variety of size options, ranging from 20 to 40 feet. Make sure to figure out where exactly you want to place your container prior to purchasing, and lock in exactly which size would serve you best.

2. Hidden Rusty Areas

You might not know it yet, but rust is your biggest enemy in terms of preserving the longevity of your storage container rental or purchase. Though this might not come as a surprise to most prospective customers, rust is easy to miss when inspecting a storage container, and is not always as easy to find as youd think, even if you think you’re being thorough. 

Many companies will take old containers and paint over the rusty areas and then sell them as if they’re new. Its crucial that you dont fall victim to this shady business practice, as rust can easily corrode your storage container’s material and cause it to decay. If your container is allowed to decay, it’s level of security for your items is much more limited, and anything you store within it can be damaged. You can prevent this from happening to you by closely inspecting the texture of the container, especially where it might look like something has been painted over. With GLKS, you will never have this problem, as nearly all of our containers are no more than a couple of years old.

3. Problematic Doors

After rust, the doors of a storage container are usually are usually the next thing to go. Theres plenty that can go wrong with a container’s doors over time if it has not been properly cared for. Whether its the hinges, the locks, the alignment, or something else, also make sure to thoroughly and completely inspect the doors of a container before doing anything else prior to purchasing or renting. This will also save you time, as if you discover compromised doors, it’s a signal that the containers being offered from the respective company you’ve visited may not have been cared for properly. Remember that without the proper security features, storage containers are far more vulnerable, and as a result, the contents of the unit can be easily compromised. When renting or purchasing from GLKS, security is always a priority, which is why our containers are the most secure boxes on the market.

Great Lakes Kwik Space has the most reliable storage containers on the market, and a team of experts that will not allow you to make any kind of rental or purchase that you may regret. Since we’ve been in business for twenty years, we know the industry like the backs of our hands, as well as any problems you might encounter. To learn more about our storage containers for sale or lease in the Chicago area, give us a call today at 800-966-1016.

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