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Customize Your Portable Storage with Accessories  - Storage Container

Once you make your purchase of a portable storage container, it’s time for the fun part: customizing it to fit your unique needs! Whether you need additional storage, lighting, or better use of the container itself through storage and shelving options, the possibilities are endless. No wonder so many people are converting portable storage containers into homes these days!

If you’re looking for a perfect way to customize your container (before going all out and making it into a full home, that is!), we’ve got all of the tips and tricks for you. When you get a personal storage container, you’re not only elevating your storage possibilities: you’re maximizing it’s capacity while designing it exactly the way you envision it in the long run. 


For better usage and visibility in your container which don’t take a ton of effort, read our suggestions below. 



If you’re using a portable storage container to store personal household items, extra inventory for your business, business records, small boxes, or just boxes or items that need to be lined up and stacked in a uniform manner, then shelving is a great option to enhance the functions of your portable storage unit. 

If you’re interested in adding shelving onto your unit, the new three high shelving is a great add-on feature for multiple uses, and remains sturdy when put under pressure. Additionally, you can even design your own shelving to suit the specific uses you’ll need it for, or to go with the exact vision you’re thinking of for your unit. 


Once you’ve taken care of all of your inventory items, records, or household items, it’s important to retain easy access to these things in case they’re needed while stored in the storage container. 

To upgrade the ease of access features of your container, and avoid feeling around in the dark for your new shelving or for something you’re in need of, make sure to add pre-installed lighting onto your storage container before you bring it home!

Loading Ramps

Just like when moving with a moving truck, or any elevated space that requires a jump or a tiny hop up to access, things are made much easier with the availability of a ramp. Additionally, the installation of a ramp onto your storage container will ensure that you’ll avoid potential back injuries, unnecessary weight lifting, or the dropping of items. 

Lucky for you, we even have a wide variety of ramp sizes to choose from to optimize your experience and take your customization up a notch. Choose from a ramp designed for hand carts that supports up to 750 lbs, or one of our more heavy duty ramps that support up to 10,000 lbs.

Now that you’ve learned of all of the unique customizations you can make to your portable storage unit, the possibilities for creativity are almost endless! 

No matter what you’ll be using your portable storage container for, it makes a helpful and welcome difference for you and whatever project you might have going on, and is here to serve whatever need you might have. 

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