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What are the Types of Storage Containers?  - Storage Container

Portable storage containers are an extremely versatile resource for you to have at your fingertips, whether you’re in need of one for professional or personal use. So what are the different types of storage containers?

Whether you need a new place to store valuable items, a temporary resource for storing items during a home remodel or renovation, or a place to store excess inventory for your retail business or equipment for your construction project, portable storage is the way to go. 

These containers can also be easily converted into portable offices, conference rooms, or breakout spaces for a variety of businesses. 

Because portable storage containers are so versatile, odds are you’ve been met with a ton of different options in your search for a container that’s right for your needs. Especially if you’re working with a company with a large inventory like Great Lakes Kwik Space, all of the different choices in containers might be overwhelming. 

Thankfully, working with Great Lakes Kwik Space also means that you have a customer service team at your side to guide you through the different kinds of portable storage containers out there, and find the one that’s right for your use. On top of this, once you choose the right storage solution for you, we’ll even deliver the storage container to your choice of location in accordance with your schedule. 

For everything you need to know about portable storage containers, continue reading for our complete guide on your perfect storage solutions. 


Types of Portable Storage Containers

There are four main types of portable storage containers, all with different attributes or who are meant for specific uses. Additionally, each type of storage container comes with its own range of specific qualities and size ranges to be specifically attuned to your needs. 


  • Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated containers allow you to be in control of the temperature of the items inside of it, which makes them perfect for storing or shipping goods that need to be temperature controlled, or when needing to store or transport items that cannot be subjected to extreme heat for long periods. 


  • Insulated Shipping Containers

These containers are designed for shipping or storing items that are temperature-sensitive, and that cannot be subjected to extreme heat or cold. These trailers keep your stored items from temperature fluctuations and are ideal for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or packaged products. 


  • Open Top Storage Containers

This type of container is primarily used for moving tall equipment or at construction or building sites to hold tools or other equipment. 


  • Dry Freight Storage Containers

Dry freight storage containers protect the items being stored or transported in them from moisture damage. 


Now that you’ve discovered what types of portable storage containers, make sure to visit Great Lakes Kwik Space for the perfect portable storage solutions for you. 

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