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How Much Do Storage Containers Weigh?  - Storage Container

Finding a portable storage container that’s geared towards the needs of you and your business can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’re not familiar with the varied world of portable storage. If you don’t have the right company to guide you through all of the ins and outs of getting the right container for you, things can be even more confusing. 


When you work with Great Lakes Kwik Space, you’ll get the highest quality portable storage containers for the most affordable rates. On top of these perks, you’ll also receive the best education about portable storage from our expert customer service representatives, plus the resources to better understand your unit and how to use it. 


What Storage Container Weight is Right for Me? 

When looking for a portable storage container for commercial or industrial use, knowing the weight of your container and how much it can hold is important both for knowing what sort of container you need, and for the safety of your employees – especially if you intend on shipping or transporting it in some way. The weight of most sizes of storage containers are standardize to adhere to laws across several states, but knowing specifically what your container entails will set you up for (safe) success. 


Having an overloaded and unbalanced storage container can be dangerous for you, your employees, and your job site or business as a whole. Knowing the weights involved with your storage container is integral for both safety, reducing risk, and overall usefulness. 


Before discussing the weight of storage containers, let’s first define the type of weight measurements there are.


The first type we’ll overview is the ‘payload weight’. This type refers to the maximum amount of weight you can put into an empty storage container.


The ‘gross weight’ of a portable storage container is the weight of the container plus the maximum weight of cargo it can hold. 


The final type of weight is ‘tare weight’. The term ‘tare weight’ refers to the weight of an empty storage container. This weight is found by subtracting the payload weight from the gross weight.


How Much Does a 20ft Shipping Container Weigh? 

The tare weight of a 20ft shipping container is around 5,071lbs. The payload weight of a 20ft shipping container is 50,055lbs, and the gross weight is 55,126lbs. This means that a 20ft empty shipping container weighs 5,071 lbs by itself, and can hold over 50,000 lbs. 

How Much Does a 40ft Shipping Container Weigh? 

The tare weight of a 40ft shipping container is 8,554 lbs. The payload weight of a 40ft storage container is 58,642 lbs, and the maximum gross weight is 67,196 lbs.


When you take advantage of Great Lakes Kwik Space’s varied inventory of portable storage container types for your business’ storage needs, you’re setting yourself up for success by having the best container for best possible prices. 


On top of our extensive inventory of storage container types, working with Great Lakes Kwik Space will also allow you to have access to our expert team of customer service representatives who will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. 


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