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The Best Way to Maintain a Portable Storage Container - GLKS Storage

When you decide to either rent or buy a portable storage container, you’re making the decision to give yourself a reliable sort of on-site storage for your business or job-site. Having portable storage also allows you to store equipment or excess inventory with much more ease than with other solutions – and allows you to avoid having to expand to your entire operation. 

Having portable storage containers as your storage solutions also allows you to access your stored items whenever you need them, while they remain contained, out of the way, and organized. 

Portable storage containers also offer business owners the most affordable storage solutions for their business, and provides the best value for their money. So once you have portable storage containers or portable shipping containers at your disposal, what’s the best was to take care of them? If you’re looking to find the best portable storage container maintenance tips, continue reading to discover what you need to know to protect your container from weather or other damage. 


Tips for Storage Container Maintenance

Whether you decide to buy or lease a portable storage container, keeping your container properly maintained not only makes sure your container is properly maintained, but also makes sure the contents of your container are also properly taken care of. So how do you do this? Let’s explore the best way to maintain a portable storage container. 

  • Keep Your Roof Free from Debris

One of the easiest ways to keep your portable storage container in its best shape is to keep its roof clear of debris, and to not use it for additional storage. Though your portable storage container is designed to give security for your items, the roof of your container isn’t designed to offer support or have things stacked on top of it. 


Storing heavy items or leaving snow or water to collect on top of your container’s roof can result in the roof flexing and bending, which can compromise the infrastructure of the container, as well as its integrity.


Take additional care to avoid climbing or walking on the roof of your portable storage container, as it can also cause damage to your roof. 

  • Store Your Container in the Right Place

Being as that your portable storage container will probably remain on-site or in a singular area for a long period, having the best place to store your portable container is imperative in keeping the container itself and the contents thereof safe. 


Store your container in a place that’s out of the way and shielded from snow or ice buildup, and keep it away from an area that might also leave it vulnerable to the buildup of excessive amounts of leaves, debris, or water on the roof. Though these containers are built to withstand the elements of keeping your items safe, there’s no reason to intentionally have them out in poor conditions. 

  • Store on a Hard, Flat Surface

Keeping your portable storage container sitting on a hard, flat surface provides it with the proper support it needs, and allows your container to properly set in the area you’ve placed it in. If you only have soft areas available, just make sure your area is flat and prepared for the settlement of the container into the ground over time. 


At the end of the day, practicing proper maintenance comes down to what your container is holding, what climate or environment you’re in, and practicing proper safety precautions. Additionally, if you’re just leasing your container, you’ll also probably receive support or services from Great Lakes Kwik Space to aid or perform regular maintenance. 

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