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How to Maintain Your Portable Storage Container - Storage Container

When you make the investment of getting portable storage containers for your business, you’re allowing yourself and your operation or job site to have reliable, on-site storage that not only lets you reliably store your items, materials, and inventory secure and safely, but also gives you affordable solutions to your space issues. 

Additionally, having portable storage at your disposal as a business owner lets you have access to your items at all times and lets you cycle items in and out according to need and what you need to have use of at the time. Having this source of storage on-site at all times puts you ahead and lets you elevate your business without having to expand. 

Because shipping containers are so useful and affordable, it’s important to properly maintain and take care of them so that they can go the extra mile for you, no matter what. So what’s the best place to store your container? What’s the best way to keep your container in its best shape? Let’s explore everything you need to know about portable storage container maintenance. 


How to Maintain a Shipping Container

When leasing or buying a portable storage container, keeping this container in its best condition should be a top priority not only to keep the container itself in its best shape, but to maintain the safety and integrity of its contents. 

  • Keep Your Roof Clear

One of the most important things to do to keep your portable storage container in its best condition is to keep its roof free of items that shouldn’t be there. 


Though the container itself is strong and designed to provide maximum security for your items, the roof of your mobile storage isn’t made to offer support or have items stacked on top of it. Having heavy items stored on its roof can also result in the roof flexing and bending, which is terrible for the infrastructure and integrity of your container. 

  • Store Your Container in the Right Spot

Store your shipping container out of the way of areas that would leave it vulnerable to extreme weather, or snow or ice buildup. You’ll also want to avoid storing it in an area that can leave it open to excessive accumulations of leaves, debris, or water on the roof. 

  • Store it on a Solid Foundation

Keeping your container stored on a hard, flat surface is important to support and properly allow your container to sit in the area. If you only have softer areas available to store it on, ensure that you’re setting it on a flat surface that can keep it stable and will be prepared for the container settling into the ground over time. 


Practicing proper maintenance on your shipping container and keeping it in its best condition will also depend on what contents you’re storing in it, and what your regular weather or climate is like. 


Also, practice proper safety precautions when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your container to keep yourself and your employees safe. Just leasing your container? Come to Great Lakes Kwik Space for all your maintenance questions and needs. 

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