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How to Know if You’re Getting a Quality Mobile Storage Container - GLKS

Portable storage containers are incredibly versatile storage solutions and can be used for so many different things for your business, job site, and more. If you’re looking into purchasing or leasing a portable storage container, the possibilities are nearly endless as to what you’ll be able to store in the container. From raw materials, and excess product inventory, to heavy machinery, containers have you covered. 


But no matter what the reason for your storage needs is, you should always do thorough research when it comes to your purchase and make sure you’re getting not only the right size and type of container but the right quality as well. This applies especially to those looking to save a little money by purchasing a used portable storage container. 


Buying New vs. Used Portable Storage Containers

There’s a misled consensus or assumption out there that buying a used portable storage container means that your unit won’t be as reliable as buying a new one, but that’s not the case in most circumstances.

Whenever you’re purchasing a portable storage container, especially a used one, you should know what to look for and what to check to see if the container is truly in the shape that your provider says it is. 


When you buy from Great Lakes Kwik Space, know that we only provide the highest-quality steel storage containers that undergo rigorous checks to ensure their quality and capability. No matter if you’re buying or leasing a new or used container, we’ll make sure you’re getting the best quality and best fit for you. 


How to Check the Quality of a Portable Storage Container

If you’ve been looking at portable storage containers online from a supplier other than Great Lakes Kwik Space, know that the actual container you may receive might not be up to par with what’s been shown online. Here are the top aspects of a portable storage container to check to ensure its quality and that you’re getting the best deal:


  • Photos

If you’re purchasing from a portable storage supplier, especially a small dealer, they might take photos of only the best parts of the different containers they have and combine them to appear like they’re all photos of a single unit. This is a common tactic to make their containers appear as if they’re in better shape than they are, and can be very misleading. 


When you buy from a company that offers a wide variety of containers and that has a large inventory at your disposal, the photos you see online of a container may not be exactly of the container you receive in person. Instead, they’ll show you a photo of a similar container that will give you an idea of what to expect. 


Never go off of just the photo when purchasing a portable storage container. Once your container arrives or when going to see your container in person, always inspect it for yourself to ensure its quality. 


  • Exterior

Check the quality of the exterior of your portable storage container by walking around the exterior of the container to check its overall condition. If you see dents, that isn’t necessarily a big deal – especially in used units. However, if you see corrosion, rust, or damage, this can indicate that your potential container isn’t in good condition. Check the corner castings, paint, and seals around the edges to look out for hard-to-see rust or corrosion. 


  • Interior

When checking the quality of the interior of your container, the first thing you should check is the condition of the front door of the unit. Check not only the door itself, but the fittings, gaskets, seals, and locks for damage, corrosion, or rust. 


Once you’re inside a container, you should also look for mold, and look out for the smell of dampness or water. This can indicate that the container isn’t watertight, or has leakages. Make sure to also go into the container during the day and close the door to see if the light is coming in from anywhere. If there is, your container isn’t watertight. 


When shopping for a portable storage container, the best way to make sure you’re getting a quality container is by working with Great Lakes Kwik Space to find the right one for you. We not only guarantee that our containers are as advertised but also only provide the highest quality units. 

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