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Will Weather Impact Your Portable Storage Containers?  - GLKS

Buying or renting a portable storage container for your business can be a great investment that will let you safely store excess inventory from your business or raw materials on your construction site, and is an affordable alternative to on-site portable storage at a warehouse or other site. 


Portable storage containers can help you out in a variety of ways, no matter what you’re using them for. If you live in an area with particularly extreme weather, however, you might be concerned that your portable storage container won’t have the ability to keep your things as safe as you might like. Wondering how your portable storage container will stand up against the weather patterns you experience? Learn more about how your portable storage container will stand up to the elements with our complete guide. 


Do Portable Storage Containers Hold Up Against Weather? 

Though portable storage containers are built to withstand even the harshest weather patterns, it’s good to know that your container will work and keep your items safe no matter your climate. So which climates are ideal for portable storage containers? 


Hot Weather

If you live or work in an area that experiences very hot weather for most of the year, you’re in luck! Portable storage containers are made with high-quality insulation that reduces heat buildup even during the hottest days. Portable storage containers also have air vents so that air can flow freely through the entire container. This keeps a constant airflow in your container and keeps the materials or inventory inside cool and free from the oppressive heat, even on very hot days. 


Additionally, portable storage containers can be easily outfitted with additional ventilation systems that will keep your container’s contents even cooler and well maintained. 


Cold Weather

If the region you live in experiences, particularly rough winters, it’s normal to be concerned about the well-being of your items in those frigid temperatures. If you’re worried your portable storage container won’t stand up to the low temperatures don’t worry! Your container is built to be extremely airtight, and moisture-proof so melting or accumulating snow will not pose a problem. 


However, always keep in mind the kinds of items you store in your storage container. Never store items you wouldn’t put outside in significantly cold temperatures in a container in extremely cold weather. Though your container has significant airtight features and insulation, it is still unheated, so it could fail to keep very susceptible items away from all cold. 


Additionally, try not to let large amounts of snow accumulate on the roof of your portable storage container. Your container isn’t built to support a huge amount of weight on the top of it, so try to keep your roof as clear as possible. 



As we mentioned before, your container is built to be airtight and free of moisture. Portable storage containers will keep your items clean, temperate, and moisture-free during even the hottest or most humid days, and even during significant rainfall or snowfall.


Looking for the best portable storage container for your business? Look no further than Great Lakes Kwik Space. We’ll provide you with the best quality portable storage container possible. 

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