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Buy or Rent Portable Storage Containers - Complete Guide

There’s a reason why people like using portable storage containers so much – these highly versatile containers can serve a number of uses across industries and needs, from construction mobile offices to storage in schools or long-term residential storage needs. Depending on your storage needs or the type of purpose your container will be serving, you might be torn as to whether to buy or rent a portable storage container to service you and your business.

Whether you’re looking for long-term or short-term storage solutions, you’ve made the right decision in investing in portable storage – but should you make the jump into ownership, or give it back at the end of your leasing term? Learn more about the benefits of renting vs buying portable storage in our complete guide.

Why Use Portable Storage?

As we mentioned before, having a portable storage container at your disposal can make an invaluable difference in keeping you organized and the items you’re storing safe and secure. If you’re looking to convert your storage container into a mobile office, classroom, or workspace, these containers make an even more convenient and cost-effective solution to physical expansions.

Portable storage containers offer those in various industries with storage solutions that are easy, convenient, and cost-effective. Available in new and refurbished options, these storage containers will let you choose the best option for your business and budget.

These containers can serve nearly any purpose. On construction sites, these containers can be used to keep site managers and employees organized by allowing you to store raw materials and equipment on-site. This absolves everyone involved in waiting around for deliveries or having to look around for the things they need to be most productive. Portable storage containers can also easily be converted into mobile offices on job sites to allow managers to take meetings and have quiet workspaces while maintaining accessibility for employees on-site.

In retail settings, portable storage containers can allow small and large business owners alike to have convenient additional on-site storage for excess inventory, overflow, the storage of online orders, or just to free up space on their sales floors or back rooms. These also make the perfect solution for small business owners who don’t want to have a physical expansion yet, but who are experiencing significant growth and who need somewhere to store their excess orders or inventory.

Portable storage containers are highly secure and safe and are affordable for every budget. But should you rent or buy one for your job site or business? Let’s get into the advantages of each option.

Benefits of Renting Portable Storage

Oftentimes, the decision of whether to buy or rent a portable storage container comes down to how long you think you’ll need storage for, and whether or not your container will be moving locations during the course of its being in your possession.

If you don’t need your container for long periods, or might be interested in moving it to several locations for whatever reason, renting could be the right way to go for your business. When renting a portable storage container, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Not Paying Upfront

Many go with the renting option when it comes to portable storage to avoid having to pay the full price of their container up front. Instead, you’ll enjoy monthly payments that are much smaller and easier to fund for smaller businesses.

No Upkeep/Maintenance

For those buying portable storage containers, they’ll have to maintain, repair, and generally take care of their container. For those renting a container, Great Lakes Kwik Space will take care of all of the maintenance of your container and will handle repairs or issues arising from preexisting or occurring damage to the container.

Less Commitment

If you’re not sure how long you’ll need your container for or are not sure as to the timeline of the project you’ll need a container for, renting is a good way to go. After all, you don’t want your project to wrap up super early, only to find yourself stuck with a container you’ve purchased and now are not sure what to do with. It’s also the best option for those looking for a short-term commitment.

Benefits of Purchasing Portable Storage

Now that you’ve read about the benefits of renting a portable storage container, let’s get into the benefits of buying a portable storage container for those interested in more long-term storage solutions.

Complete Ownership

The biggest perk to buying a portable storage container is of course that the container is yours, and you can do whatever you want with it! Buying a portable storage container will also allow your business to always have access to reliable and secure storage options for whatever you might need it for.

No Monthly Payments

Buying a portable storage container also comes with the added benefit of not having to keep track of or shell out for monthly payments, which can be a pain for those looking for long-term storage options. This can also be more cost effective for business owners who would rather pay a single flat price, rather than paying money to rent a container and then having to give it back at the end of the term.


As we mentioned before, buying portable storage lets you always have storage whenever you need it, and for whatever you might need it for. Buying your own container also means that you never have to worry about container availability and that you won’t be impacted by container shortages or a lack of inventory like those interested in renting might be. You’ll always have your own container ready to go and on-site.

If you’re looking for the best portable storage containers in Chicago, Great Lakes Kwik Space is just what you and your business need to have the best storage solutions. Whether renting or buying, portable storage containers provide unparalleled storage solutions regardless of your industry or the use you need them for. Discover what Great Lakes Kwik Space’s high-quality containers can do for your business today. 

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