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Reasons Why You Should Rent Portable Storage Containers

Having the right portable storage container solutions for your business is integral to allowing your operation to run smoothly, having the right amount of space for your business to grow, and having the best organization and strategy for businesses and sites in various industries. Whether you’re the head of a retail business, a manager on a construction site, or are part of a large corporation that needs more than just a small amount of storage for equipment or raw materials, portable storage containers can provide both short- and long-term solutions for your space issues.

One of the biggest perks to investing in portable storage is having access to the flexible leasing options that come with this solution. Giving your business a deserved upgrade in its space and overall efficiency will allow you to create a tailored storage solution on your terms, and that fits exactly what you need for your storage needs.

If you’re looking for the best portable storage containers and the best rental terms for your business, Great Lakes Kwik Space offers you the best Chicago portable storage containers for rent. Whether looking into long-term or short-term leasing, having flexible terms, cost-effective pricing, and the right storage container for your business will allow you to benefit from this rental throughout the entirety of your leasing terms – no matter how long those may be.

Not sure whether you want to buy or rent a portable storage container? If you’re sure about the storage you need but not the flexibility or permanence of it, we’ve got some great reasons why renting portable storage might be the right choice for you.

Reasons to Rent Portable Storage

As we mentioned before, if you’re not sure as to whether to rent or buy portable storage containers, there are several variables regarding your business and your storage needs to take into account before you make the final decision to fully commit or to keep it flexible.


One of the biggest reasons why managers and business owners alike utilize portable storage containers to solve their space issues (whether permanently or temporarily) is for their unparalleled affordability. These containers are extremely versatile and are low-cost, which allows you to save a ton of money by renting portable storage in comparison to other storage methods (or by moving to an entirely new or larger storefront or site).

Portable storage containers’ low cost only makes them even more worth it because of the number of space issues they can solve and the purposes they can serve. These durable containers can allow you to avoid putting an addition onto your space, can allow you to move with ease, or can house anything from raw materials and equipment to retail orders.

These containers are affordable whether you rent or buy them, but renting them allows you to upgrade when you need to without fully committing to your container by making a purchase. They’re also more cost-effective for those looking for more short-term storage solutions rather than long-term.

Storage Solutions

This might seem like an obvious one, but portable storage containers provide exemplary storage solutions for those who use them. This is true whether you rent or buy one, but renting one allows you to tailor your storage solutions to your business needs at the time.

Whether you need a small amount of storage at first that then becomes a larger need overtime or vice versa, renting your unit allows you to be flexible with your storage needs and allows you to switch out your containers.


Portable storage containers are prime storage solutions due to the safety and security they provide to those who rent them. With their reinforced steel frames and makeup, as well as locking doors that provide an added layer of protection, whatever you store inside will be kept safe from anyone who shouldn’t have access to them.

These containers are also air and water-tight, which allows you to be confident in knowing that your materials, orders, or inventory are kept safe from the elements or any weather your container might be out in while on-site.


The flexibility of leasing terms is another huge perk to using portable storage containers. Because you have so many different options as far as leasing terms and the types of containers you can opt to rent, storage containers allow you to have storage when you need it, and not when you don’t.

Having a flexible leasing period for your portable storage container will also not only allow you to have the right container to suit your needs but will also let you tailor your storage needs to suit whatever you’re looking to use your container for. If you need to upgrade your container or extend your lease, no problem. Renting allows you to figure out what you need and for how long with no long-term commitments.


As we mentioned before, portable storage containers are highly versatile and can serve many different uses for a variety of industries. From serving as inventory storage for retail businesses to equipment or raw material storage on job or construction sites, to even serving as mobile offices and more in a variety of spaces, these portable storage solutions can be whatever you want them to be!


When you work with Great Lakes Kwik Space for your Chicago portable storage containers, you’ll benefit from the wide expanse of inventory and the choices of portable storage containers that we have. From 20’ or 40’ boxes to storage trailers and everything in between, we’ll find you the perfect storage solution for you.


Having access to complete on-site storage is a huge benefit for you and your business. With portable storage, you’ll be able to house your container wherever you need and be able to move things into or out of it, or just be able to access its contents or the materials inside whenever you need – with no trips to a warehouse or being beholden to the hours of a portable storage facility.

On top of this, you can call us whenever you’re done with your container and we’ll pick it up with no effort on your part.

Customer Service

Working with Great Lakes Kwik Space means benefiting from our top-notch, expert customer service staff. Our storage experts will be there from start to finish to run you through the kinds of containers we have, how they might suit your storage needs, and how our rental terms can work for you. Plus, we’ll always be here to answer your questions or provide you with support for your container.

As you can see, renting portable storage can bring you and your business or job site a ton of benefits that allow you to tailor your storage needs on your own terms. If you’re looking for the best portable storage containers for rent in Chicago, you’ll also be in luck thanks to the cost-effective pricing, large inventory, and unparalleled service from Great Lakes Kwik Space. 

See what our expert staff of storage experts can do for you today so you can find the perfect container and perfect terms for you. 

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