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What to Know About Shipping Container Accessories?

Shipping containers are incredibly versatile storage solutions that allow you to have the perfect outlet to store and house equipment, materials, and anything you need to keep your business or job site clear, organized, and operating at their highest level. If you’re looking to invest in portable storage but aren’t sure how to customize your container to fit your needs, or where to begin in looking for the right shipping container accessories to look for, you’ve come to the right place. One of the best things about portable storage containers, however, is their versatility and their ability to serve so many different purposes. Their versatility is what makes them so indispensable in so many different environments, which is only exacerbated by the ease of customization that comes along with them.

Portable storage containers are very easily customizable, which allows them to service pretty much any purpose you might have. Portable storage containers can serve as mobile offices, dumpsters, residential storage, equipment, inventory, or material storage, and even for residential or commercial moving. So how does their level of customization take things to the next level?

Continue reading for the best shipping container accessories you can easily outfit your portable storage container with for unparalleled efficiency and functionality.

Types of Storage Container Accessories

Storage containers can be outfitted with many different types of accessories to allow them to serve different uses. Accessories can change the entire purpose of your container or can be used to secure your container or make it easier to keep your container safe.

Below are some of the most common accessories for storage containers.

Lock Boxes

One of the best ways to keep your storage or shipping container secure and your contents safe is by installing a lock box onto your storage container.

You can either directly weld the lock box padlock into the container’s door, or lock it into the doors without permanently attaching it. Having a lock box on your container lets you have an added level of security for your container’s contents and gives you even more added security beyond just a regular lock.

Bolt Cutters

One of the worst things that can wind up happening to you is forgetting or losing the keys to your lock or lock box, or forgetting the code. In the event of not being able to access your container, you should have a set of bolt cutters on hand to allow you to have access to your container.

Side Door

In addition to the front door or door on your storage container, outfitting your container with a side door can let it be even more accessible and useful. Shipping container doors can easily be added to your container to let it function as an on-site workspace, breakroom, shelter, kitchen, and even more.

Roll Up Door

Whether using your container as a workspace or storage space, having a roll-up door on your container can let you enjoy easy access without sacrificing any interior space. A large roll-up door of this nature will also let you move large items into or out of your unit without any issues.

Door Header Plate

If you live in extra humid or rainy weather, having a header plate installed on your container just over your doors will keep your items safe and shielded before the rain. This will also give your items an extra level of protection if stored outside or transported amidst inclement weather.

Office Accessories

One of the most popular uses for portable storage containers is for transforming them into mobile offices. These containers can be outfitted with installation, windows, air conditioning, heating, security, and electricity for lighting (which can also be installed).


One of the easiest ways to transform and upgrade the usefulness of your container is by installing shelving or racking into your container. Investing in shelving or heavy-duty racking lets you have your container have even more space for the storage of tools, equipment, or for items that require organization (like tires).

There are many different types of shelving out there, that can often let you have your container serve many other uses.


An easy way of loading and unloading your shipping container is by installing a ramp onto your unit. Having a ramp will allow your contents to be more accessible and lets you easier transport equipment or large tools into or out of the container.


Improving the ventilation of your storage container will let fresh air flow throughout your container and will lower the risk of condensation buildup. Vents can also make a worthwhile asset for those keeping their containers for a more long-term period, as promoting airflow can also discourage mold growth.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of shipping container accessories out there, you can enjoy the ones suitable for you and your business.

If you want to find the right shipping container in Chicago for you as well as the right accessories for your container, see what Great Lakes Kwik Space can do for you and your business today. We’ll provide you with the right prices, service, and leasing terms for your business needs. 

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