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Tips for Inspecting Storage Containers Before Buying

Portable storage containers can serve a lot of varied uses and can fill a lot of diverse needs for both residential and commercial clients. That’s part of the reason why they’re so popular! These containers can create the ideal storage or moving experience for your business and can be just what you’re looking for to give your business extra space or to make it more workable amidst renovations.

Because portable shipping containers are so versatile and easy to incorporate into your existing business or job site’s makeup, however, they’re often designed and used for a variety of different needs and are often reused by retailers, construction sites, suppliers, and more throughout their lifespan, or even their rental terms. As a result of this, they can sometimes experience normal wear and tear and can be worn down over time due to these uses or just from age or lack of care.

Are Portable Storage Containers Reliable?

Though many storage needs won’t cause the overall integrity or quality of a portable storage container to be compromised, without the proper maintenance or care, containers can experience things like warping, corrosion, or damage from misuse.

If not properly cared for or supplied to you by a reputable distributor, your items could be left vulnerable to the wear and tear your potential container could be subject to. However, if you work with a reliable distributor who emphasizes the need for containers of quality and high standards, you shouldn’t have to worry too much. Nevertheless, you should always inspect your container all the same to ensure its quality and to keep its future contents safe.

When looking for the right portable storage container for you and your business, how do you avoid distributors who don’t take care of their inventory, and how do you know you’re getting the best container for you and your needs? To ensure your container is in the best condition, follow our expert tips regarding inspecting storage containers.

Inspecting Storage Containers  – Things to Consider

As we mentioned prior, a lot of the portable shipping containers you’ll look at during your storage container search will have been refurbished or pre-owned. They’ve probably been used for varied needs before, so inspecting your container is important to determine if it’s experienced significant wear and tear, or if it’s in good enough shape to take care of your items.

Knowing how to inspect a storage container and what to look for in your search can ensure that you’re getting the best container and will allow you to truly know whether your supplier operates with integrity or not. The following are some of the top things you should look for when inspecting storage containers.

Check All Corners and Seams

When you buy a storage container, you should first inspect its corners and seams on both the outside and inside of the storage unit. Take a close look to see if any seams are separating or if any welding or bonding shows signs of damage.

Look out for rust or corrosion build-up, as well as cracks, which can indicate the structural integrity being compromised.

Read its CSC Plate

There is an external plate on the outside of your potential container that will contain the manufacturer’s name and production date. This plate can also have a record of the dates or past maintenance history.

Check the Quality of Doors and Locks

Go beyond inspecting the cracks and seams of the inside and outside of your container and take a look at the doors and locks of it to ensure that they’re in working order and are fully functional and intact.

Test the container’s doors by fully opening and closing them. Make sure that they shut securely, lock effectively, and are airtight.

Inspect the Roof and Sides

After looking at the container’s structural integrity, look at your container’s roof and sides to check them for structural soundness. Look out for signs of damage, including cracks, rust, corrosion, or anything that could weaken the roof or compromise the integrity of the container.

Look for Cracks or Leaks

Walk around your container to look for signs of cracks, leaks, or anything that might indicate that your container isn’t airtight. If your container isn’t airtight, remember that it can leave your contents or items vulnerable to damage and can cause structural integrity issues.

Look for Cleanliness

When inspecting your container, make a general assessment of the inside of your container and see if it’s dry, clean, and free from any weird smells. If it is, it indicates more than just that the container has been contained, but also indicates that it’s in overall good shape and doesn’t have any unsavory buildups.

Inspect Temperature Controls

If looking at temperature-controlled storage containers, test out the controls to make sure everything works as it should. If it doesn’t, make sure it’s fixed before your rental or purchase.

Inspecting your portable storage container before renting or buying it makes all the difference in keeping your materials or items safe and in getting the best value for your business investment. When looking for portable storage containers, you shouldn’t just be looking at the makeup of your container, either – you should be also looking for the best storage provider!

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