Uses of Portable Storage Containers - A Detailed Guide

People in a wide variety of industries love to use portable storage containers for whatever their businesses might need. From construction to residential remodels or retail store, there’s not much you can’t use portable storage containers for. Whether in the market for mini mobile storage units or large storage boxes that can hold a huge amount of raw materials, equipment, or tools, having storage options for your industrial needs can make a huge difference in not just your business organization, but in your business’ efficiency as a whole.

Mobile storage containers are incredibly versatile and can be a resource for your business even outside of the initial use you might be acquiring them for. If you’re wondering how to create the best storage and organizational experience for your business, portable storage will give you all of the solutions you might be looking for – and even ones you might not have known you needed! Investing in renting or buying portable storage alike will give you great ways to branch out and benefit your business. Below are some of the most popular uses of portable storage containers so that you can put efficiency and organization first in your business.

Portable Storage Container Uses

When you have the right portable storage container on your side, you can go above and beyond in the different benefits you can bring to your business. The following are some of the most innovative uses for portable storage containers.

Mobile Offices

Mobile office use is one of the most common uses of portable storage containers, and for good reason! Containers are easily modifiable and can be outfitted with electricity, insulation, flooring, windows, and more to create a comfortable and affordable office space.

School Additions

Finding solutions for school storage or for expansion needs of growing schools can be really tough to coordinate – not to mention expensive. However, portable storage containers can create the perfect way to expand your school without having to make physical expansions or break budgets. Portable storage containers are easily converted into functional and comfortable classrooms or offices for students and administrators alike.


Beyond industrial uses, portable storage containers can go above and beyond to be easily converted into houses! These containers make home ownership convenient and affordable – and most of all customizable! Make your container into a single or multi-level home that is fully catered to you and energy efficient.


One of the biggest help to medical professionals over the COVID-19 pandemic came in the form of portable storage containers, and they continue to provide an invaluable resource for laboratory and testing use.

Portable storage containers let medical personnel have flexible sites for testing and education, whether permanent or temporary. They can also be used as portable exam rooms for hospitals experiencing space or storage options.


Storage containers have created an easy way for retail businesses to expand or even to operate fully. These containers are highly customizable and are easily converted into not just back rooms for employees or storage, but as standalone storefronts by themselves. These containers can be easily outfitted with all modern conveniences to make them a cost-efficient and energy-efficient storefront or retail space and will give your customers the best shopping possible. You can even continually expand or add to these containers thanks to their versatile design.

What Portable Storage Container is Right for Me?

Before we get into innovative ways to use the portable storage container you might end up with, let’s discuss how important it is to find a portable storage container that’s right for your needs and uses. After all, having the right container size and purpose-wise will set you apart in your search and will allow you to be comfortable in your investment. When looking for a container, you’ll also need to find the right provider or supplier so that you receive a container that’s high quality and dependable.

Are you looking for the best portable storage in Chicago? Great Lakes Kwik Space has tons of options to offer you for whatever needs you might have. Explore our varied inventory to benefit from high-quality storage solutions of all shapes and sizes. From 40’ and 20’ storage containers to drop deck trailers or refrigerated units, we’ve got a little something for all businesses and industries. Our containers are also made with the highest-grade steel which will give you confidence in knowing that your items are being kept safe and that you have a functional container for whatever your needs.

Finding the right portable storage container for your business will make a world of difference in the varied uses you can put it toward and in the organization, you can benefit from it.


Regardless of what you’re looking for from a portable storage container, Great Lakes Kwik Space can give you exactly what you’re looking for in regards to not just storage solutions, but in standalone offices, schools, homes, or storefronts.

No matter what your storage or functional needs are, you’ll find the key to cost-efficient design with a portable storage container. See what solutions Great Lakes Kwik Space can innovate for you and your business when you contact us today. Whether renting or buying, we’ll guide you through the entire storage container process from start to finish and will support you in any way you require. 

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