Containers that Accommodate to Every Type of Need

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The use of shipping or portable storage containers has become indispensable in today’s global trade. But their use has extended to other industries rather than just shipping. Nowadays, it is not rare to see restaurants, clothing stores or offices operating from shipping containers that have been altered with innovative designs. There are even shopping centers that are composed of strictly shipping containers, offering customers an original and unique environment. At…

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The Very First Foundations of Containerization

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The idea of using large boxes to ship goods goes back as far as the late 19th century. Although the invention of the shipping container as we know it today did not arise until the late 1950s, as we mentioned on a previous article, Origins of Containerization, companies in the freight shipping industry had identified this need long before. This “trial and error” period was indispensable for the eventual invention…

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Turning a Storage Container into an Office

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Among the innumerable alternative uses for storage containers, using them as office spaces is one of the most popular uses. They are not only a practical alternative; they also offer an ample variety of design options. A storage container can be easily customized to everyone’s taste. However, regardless of the design, there are some basic accessories that any storage container turned into an office needs. At Great Lakes Kwik Space…

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4 Scenarios when Renting a Storage Container for Your Business Is the Right Choice

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Deciding whether to buy or rent a storage container may be a complicated decision if you are doing it for the first time. There are several factors to be taken into account, which will determine what the right choice is. Some of these factors are budget, nature of the business, location where the container will be and some others. But, the most crucial factor to determine if you should buy…

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Storage Containers and Technology

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  The fact that storage containers have had a great impact on today’s globalized economy is undeniable. Although storage containers themselves offer many advantages, there is a set of elements involved in shipping logistics that make the entire process much more effective. Of these aspects, technology plays a crucial role. The use of technology to coordinate the entire logistics involved in container shipping is one of the most relevant events…

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How Container Shipping Works

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The service of shipping goods by high-capacity and adequate ships that travel on regular fixed schedules is known as liner shipping. The cargo is inside containers that ensure that the products being shipped remain intact until they reach their final destination. It is a crucial aspect of global trade because most goods traveling by sea are carried this way. But, have you ever wondered about the logistics of such a…

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Origins of Containerization

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The use of shipping or storage containers, known as containerization, is indispensable in global trade today. As The Economist puts it, “containers have been more important to globalization than freer trade”. Despite the alternative uses storage containers may have, they remain being key to guarantee efficiency during shipping. It is hard to imagine a trading industry in which storage containers do not exist, but the truth is that they weren’t…

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Creative and Practical Uses for Storage Containers

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Storage containers are not only meant to store things. Though it was the notion that people had before, it is different nowadays. It is common to see storage containers in different scenarios being used for other purposes different from storing. This trend is because some people may not have or don’t want to spend much money to invest in infrastructure, or because they want to be creative and innovative in…

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4 Details You Should Know About Our Storage Trailers For Rent

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Great Lakes Kwik Space is a mostly business-to-business operation. But our shipping and storage containers are also available for rent and/or for sale to individuals all throughout Chicago and Chicagoland. Whether you’re running a retail store and are in need of an affordable and nearby space for excess inventory or if you’re an individual who is looking to store Christmas gifts on layaway until December, we’ve got your covered. Whatever…

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How Portable Storage Containers Allow Retailers To Cut Carbon And Save On Costs

Portable Storage Containers Chicago

Portable Storage Containers Chicago and Chicagoland Services As the cost of transportation of large shipments by major retail companies continues to grow, the market remains ruthlessly competitive. And with what feels like an irreversible rise in population, high demand has caused the carbon footprint of large companies to continually increase at an alarming rate. This leaves major retail production and distribution companies with two incentives to modify their policies with…

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