Our bike racks supply clean, safe, and efficient storage space. We’ve developed a patented racking system to provide you with the very best storage–hanging bikes by secure hooks to maximize accessibility.

At Great Lakes KWIK SPACE, we install bike racks in two different sizes of portable storage containers. A 20ft storage container that holds up to 34 bicycles and a 40ft shipping container that can hold up to 70 bicycles. If space is a concern, a 20 ft storage container with bike racks installed only takes up the area of one parking spot.

Like our apparel racks, our bike racks are the ideal solution for the retailer with excess stock or overflow. They’re perfect for apartment, condo, or dormitory bike storage; keeping bikes safe from the elements while also making them easily accessible with ground level access. Our bike racks are also perfect for companies with bike-to-work initiatives who need safe and secure bicycle storage.

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