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In many cities, including Chicago, regulations regarding the use of storage containers are typically governed by local zoning codes and ordinances. These regulations are put in place to maintain the aesthetics of the area, ensure public safety, and prevent any adverse effects on neighboring properties. Before renting or purchasing a storage container, understanding the rules and regulations is one of the most important considerations to ensure you use your container responsibly and avoid any issues.  

At Great Lakes Kwik Space, we emphasize the significance of our valued customers thoroughly grasping the rules around these containers in Chicago prior to rental or purchase. Keep reading to learn the details regarding storage containers and their usage in Chicago! 

Permit Requirements for Storage Containers in Chicago 

First and foremost, it’s crucial to be mindful of the fact that any occupant or owner of a property needs to obtain a Portable Storage Container Permit from the Department of Engineering and Public Works prior to placing a container on said property. 

In the next section, we will further outline the steps involved in the permit application. Without this permit, the placement of a container on the property is considered an offense. Similarly, if a container is not removed from the property upon the expiration of the time authorized in the Portable Storage Container Permit, this is also an offense and should not be committed.

Additionally, it is prohibited for the occupant or owner of a property to fail to remedy any damage done by the presence of the container to public right-of-way, public property, or public utilities. This aspect is important, as it prioritizes being mindful of neighbors and community members, ensuring the presence of the storage container does not result in any negative effects to others in the surrounding area.  

Finally, being truthful and forthcoming with the necessary information on your permit application is a non-negotiable requirement, as it is an offense to submit any false or misleading information in the application. All of these aspects are incredibly important to maintain the integrity of what has been agreed upon when receiving a permit for your storage container from the city of Chicago. 

Storage Container Permit Application in Chicago, IL 

 Completing a permit application with the Department of Engineering and Public Works is crucial, as this is the only legal way to have a storage container on your property. When you submit this form, you must include the following information: 

  • The name, address, telephone number, and signature of the applicant 
  • The address of the property on which the portable storage container(s) will be located 
  • The name, address, and telephone number of the business that will deliver and remove the portable storage container(s) 
  • The dimensions of the portable storage container(s) that will be placed on the propert
  • The date on which the portable storage container(s) will be delivered to the property 
  • The date on which the portable storage container(s) are expected to be removed from the property 

In addition to this information, applicants also need to pay a non-refundable $45 application fee at the time of submission. All of these items are a requirement in order for the city to process the necessary information and for you to have the lawful presence of your storage container on your property. It’s important to note before you submit your application that if issued, your permit will expire 30 days after the date it was issued.

Also notably, no more than two permits can be issued to a property within a 12-month period. Maintaining compliance with all aspects of the permit is required, and at Great Lakes Kwik Space, we highly prioritize our customers’ adherence to the outlined regulations. 

Chicago Storage Container Size and Use Regulations 

48ft Hi-Cube Portable Storage Container in Aurora, IL

To lawfully have a storage container on your Chicago property, there are various size and use regulations to be aware of. Although there are different requirements for commercial properties, the following rules and regulations are necessary for residential properties to comply with storage container requirements. First, only one portable storage container greater than eight feet in length, or two portable storage containers of eight feet or less in length, can be located on a permit holder’s property at any time. Portable storage containers on residential properties cannot exceed 16 feet in length. Again, these regulations differ for commercial purposes. 

In terms of the usage of these containers, portable storage containers are only authorized to be used for the storage, loading, and unloading of personal property belonging to the permit holder. Residential permit holders cannot place construction equipment or building materials in their containers, and hazardous or flammable substances are always prohibited in order to maintain safety. These containers also cannot be utilized for the purpose of storing materials, equipment, or merchandise related to a home occupation, or otherwise used for commercial purposes. Additionally, storage containers should be located at least five feet from any lot line, the public right-of-way, and any public sidewalk to prevent any negative effects on others within the community. 

Storage Container Selection at Great Lakes Kwik Space 

Now that you know the various storage container regulations in Chicago, you’re prepared to responsibly rent or buy a storage container to meet your needs. Interested in investing in the convenience of a portable storage unit? Discover the selection provided by Great Lakes Kwik Space below! 

  • 10 ft. standard container 
  • 20 ft. standard container 
  • 20 ft. open-side container 
  • 40 ft. container 
  • 40 ft. double door container 
  • 45 ft. high cube container 
  • 48 ft. high cube container 
storage containers in Chicago

Your Reliable Chicago Storage Container Provider 

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