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Types of Storage Containers in Chicago | GLKS Portable Storage Chicago

Seeking a reliable source for storage containers in the Chicago area? Whether you need a storage container for residential or commercial uses, Great Lakes Kwik Space can provide you with reliable solutions tailored to your exact needs. For over 30 years, we have supplied high quality portable storage containers to Chicago and beyond.  

No matter if you want to rent or buy, the team at GLKS can deliver your storage container in 24 hours or less, offering a convenient and reliable solution to all of your storage needs.  

We carry a wide selection of containers, empowering us to tailor our services to our customers’ individualized needs. Interested in learning about our menu of top-tier storage containers? Keep reading to find out!

Standard Dry Containers 

The first type of container among our inventory is the standard dry container, the most widely used type of shipping container. This type has a strong steel composition, with the 40 foot option also having an aluminum option 

At Great Lakes Kwik Space, we carry three different sizes of this container: 10’, 20’, and 40’. Depending on the amount of items you’re looking to store, you can choose the size that best suits your needs. These containers hold 563 square feet, 1,165 square feet, and 2,350 square feet, respectively, and they are available in new, used, and refurbished conditions. 

The standard dry container’s versatility is extremely desirable. Its design is tailored to cater to both residential and commercial applications, making it an excellent choice for various needs

Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to declutter, a retailer looking to store excess inventory, or a contractor in need of secure equipment storage, the standard dry container rises to the occasion. Additionally, you can rest assured that your belongings are protected within the robust steel walls of the standard dry container. Its solid composition shields your items from the elements, ensuring their safety during storage and transport.

High Cube Dry Containers 

The high cube variants of dry containers are similar to the standard option, but they are built to provide more vertical space. Their width and length are the same as the standard dry containers, but they sit at a height of 9.5 feet, as opposed to the standard 8.5 feet.  

This transforms the way cargo is stored and opens a realm of possibilities for various industries and storage scenarios.

This extra foot of space also allows for taller cargo or more stacking, making high cube containers an especially great option in industrial spaces or anywhere that requires storing tall items or equipment. Industrial spaces, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities all benefit from the high cube container’s ability to effortlessly accommodate towering machinery, lengthy pipes, and bulkier components without the constraint of limited overhead space. 

Goods can also be stored in stacks without compromising accessibility or safety. Consider high cube containers as a gateway to storing oversized goods that previously posed logistical challenges.   


At Great Lakes Kwik Space, discover our inventory of storage trailers for rent.  

Our storage trailers are available in three different lengths: 45’, 48’, and 53’. They offer respective capacities of 3,308 square feet, 3,454 square feet, and 4,009 square feet.  

Made from aluminum or FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic), the trailers provided by GLKS are semi-trailers that have been removed from road service, held to specific quality standards that ensure the best performance possible. They offer safety and security, as well as protection from the elements by being wind-resistant and watertight.  

Additionally, storage trailers provide unmatched convenience for businesses who want to be able to back up the trailer directly to their loading dock. This streamlined accessibility transforms the loading and unloading process, eliminating the need for complex maneuvers or intricate transfers. Efficiency is at the heart of our storage trailers’ design, allowing you to make the most of your time and resources.

Accessories for Your Containers 

When working with portable storage units, these containers come ready to use, but you can further improve your experience using various accessories.  

These added features enhance the overall usage of the containers, maximizing the amount of space you use, improving security, and creating a more convenient user experience overall. Learn about some of the accessories we offer at Great Lakes Kwik Space below! 

  1. Loading ramps:

    Load your container with ease! A loading ramp is an essential part of loading oversized or heavy items into your storage container. Since storage containers aren’t flush to the ground, having a ramp available can save you the trouble of trying to lift these hefty items.

    At GLKS, we have two options: the diamond plate loading ramp made of aluminum with a maximum capacity of 10,000 pounds and the Kwik ramp for two and four wheeled dollies, hand trucks, or carts with a weight limit of 750 pounds.

  2. Security locks:

    Looking for added security on your portable storage container? Our storage containers already come standard with locking cargo doors, dual locking rods, and a four handle latch system, but we understand the desire for additional measures. The Great Lakes Kwik Adjustable Door Lock provides a snug fit on your storage unit to give you peace of mind.

  3. Shelving:

    When you want to make the best use of your container’s vertical space, shelving can be an absolute gamechanger.

    There are no tools required to install our heavy-duty steel shelves, and you can trust that they will work like a charm, thanks to our lifetime warranty. Our shelving brackets and pipe racks can easily transform your storage space to maximize what you’re able to fit inside.

  4. Apparel racks:

    If you need a neat and organized way to store your clothes, whether for commercial or personal purposes, the apparel racks offered by Great Lakes Kwik Space can provide the perfect solution. These racks can be easily installed by our team to allow for the utmost convenience.

  5. Bike racks:

    Safely store a large inventory of bikes with our sturdy metal bike racks! A 20ft storage container can store up to 34 bicycles, and a 40ft shipping container can store up to 70 bicycles — an impressive amount, further enhanced by effective, simple storage solutions.

  6. Instant lighting:

    Looking to add some light to your storage container? Consider opting for the KwikLight, offering 300 Lumens of light powered by 3 AAA batteries. Using the attached magnet and Velcro strips, you can easily secure the KwikLight anywhere in your container for an enhanced user experience.

Containers for Sale and for Rent 

Whether you need long term or short term storage solutions, Great Lakes Kwik Space has got you covered. We offer flexible options with a large inventory of containers for sale and for rent. This means that you can experience storage solutions customized to your exact goals and needs.  

No matter if you’re a business owner looking for a permanent storage option or a homeowner seeking a short-term option as you declutter, there is an endless world of possibilities when you use a GLKS container. ! 

Simple Storage Solutions in Chicago, IL 

Ready to find the perfect storage container for your personalized needs? Great Lakes Kwik Space is the Chicagoland storage provider for you. With a wide variety of options and customer service that can help you every step of the way, GLKS is a one-stop shop for everything storage.  

Request a Kwik quote today on a rental or purchase, and find out more about our excellent containers at affordable rates! 

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