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Why More People Should Be Upcycling Storage Containers

storage containers for sale chicago

Great Lakes Kwik Space is a storage containers for sale Chicago provider. We operate throughout the city of Chicago and the surrounding areas of Chicagoland. You can learn more about our products on our homepage. Regardless of whether climate change is a hoax or not, few can argue anymore that the weather has been a bit funky lately. Just this month we had our first snowstorm of the year in the…

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20 Footers, 40 Footers, And Why They’re Great

storage containers chicago

We sell and rent storage containers to clients in and around the greater Chicago area. It would be our pleasure to make you our newest customer. We promise that by picking Great Lakes Kwik Space as your storage containers Chicago provider, you are picking the best. Here’s what you need to know about the advantages of each of the various sized containers that we provide. The 20 Footers To help…

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Holiday Season in Chicago

Now that Cubs have broken their 108-year drought, the city will be lit up like a Christmas tree. With the Cubs winning the World Series, the city of Chicago is about to get an economy boost at just the right time. With the holiday season just around the corner, more people will be traveling, shopping, and enjoying the winter events. Chicago will be flooded with holiday festivities and wintery activities. Storage…

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Utilizing Storage Containers for Chicago’s Hotel Boom

New hotel room construction in Chicago has jumped more than 56 percent in the past year. The city is booming with the added 8 million visitors in just three years and is hoping to increase that number to 55 million people by 2020. With such a high demand, new hotels are popping up everywhere. Currently, there are 2,500 rooms in development. Travelers will have an abundance of new choices, especially…

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Storage Containers for Possible New Hospital Construction

Chicago’s Cook County Health and Hospitals system has had a record of being known as a provider of last resort. Last month, they applied with state regulators to build an outpatient center with a modern design that would cater to a wide variety of patients. Cook County Health is one of the largest hospital networks in the nation. The narrow corridors and outdated infrastructure, this 60-year-old outpatient facility is from…

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Portable Storage for Home Remodels

Summer is here and now that the weather is warmer, there is no better time to tackle that long list of home remodels that you made during the winter. That also means that home remodelers are getting ready for these improvements projects, everything from new kitchens to additional rooms. When remodeling your home, things can get dirty and messy. Dust, paint, and debris will be flying around your home. But…

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Portable Storage vs. Self Storage

Moving… but I’m not sure what kind of storage solution I need.” This is among the most common comments storage professionals hear from prospective clients. With plenty of options available, customers don’t always know what solution will best fit their needs. Often, they will seek your expertise and guidance in helping them find a solution that will make their move a little bit easier. For this reason, you need to put…

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  Great Lakes Kwik Space is having a special on 20′ ONE TRIP gray storage containers. The 20’ storage containers are one of our most popular and versatile sizes. These 20′ units are small enough to fit in a parking space but are large enough to offer an impressive 1,161 cubic square feet of storage space. Our containers are constructed of the most durable corten steel and feature lockable cargo doors on one end….

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