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Welcome to the Great Lakes Kwik Space blog. Our goal is to provide you with the latest information, ideas, and products on portable storage containers, storage, and offers. Please check back frequently for the latest news and events.

Uses of Portable Storage Containers

People in a wide variety of industries love to use portable storage containers for whatever their businesses might need. From construction to residential remodels or retail store, there’s not much you can’t use portable storage containers for. Whether in the market for mini mobile storage units or large storage boxes…

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Tips for Inspecting Storage Containers Before Buying

Portable storage containers can serve a lot of varied uses and can fill a lot of diverse needs for both residential and commercial clients. That’s part of the reason why they’re so popular! These containers can create the ideal storage or moving experience for your business and can be just…

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Benefits of Storage Containers for the Automotive Industry

If you’re worried about how to safely and properly store your automotive parts or even the automotive you might work with themselves, you’re probably looking for an efficient and effective portable storage solution that will let you keep these items safe without breaking the bank. Portable storage containers can serve…

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What to Know About Shipping Container Accessories?

Shipping containers are incredibly versatile storage solutions that allow you to have the perfect outlet to store and house equipment, materials, and anything you need to keep your business or job site clear, organized, and operating at their highest level. If you’re looking to invest in portable storage but aren’t…

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Why You Should Rent Portable Storage?

Having the right portable storage container solutions for your business is integral to allowing your operation to run smoothly, having the right amount of space for your business to grow, and having the best organization and strategy for businesses and sites in various industries. Whether you’re the head of a…

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Best Portable Storage Containers for Lease in Chicago

When looking for the right portable storage containers for lease, odds are you’ve researched and looked around a few different sites and supplies to determine who might offer the best Chicago portable storage units for you and your business. Whether looking for portable storage for retail, construction sites, or other…

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Buy or Rent Portable Storage Containers

There’s a reason why people like using portable storage containers so much - these highly versatile containers can serve a number of uses across industries and needs, from construction mobile offices to storage in schools or long-term residential storage needs. Depending on your storage needs or the type of purpose…

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How to Insulate Storage Containers from Heat and Cold?

Both commercially and residentially, across various industries and for a wide variety of uses, storage containers are a staple for those seeking storage solutions. These sturdy units can be used across the country, meaning they withstand a whole spectrum of climates at very different extremes. In blistering heat and freezing…

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How are Portable Storage Units Helpful for Construction and Manufacturing?

If you’re about to tackle a new construction project or are currently looking for ways to keep your construction site managed and organized in the best fashion, you might be looking for the perfect construction site storage solution. When looking at portable storage units for construction or portable storage units…

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