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Welcome to the Great Lakes Kwik Space blog. Our goal is to provide you with the latest information, ideas, and products on portable storage containers, storage, and offers. Please check back frequently for the latest news and events.

Autumn Storage Tips – How to Change Seasons the Right Way

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but you shouldn’t just clean out your things and declutter your home once a year. That’s where autumn cleaning comes in. Fall is a perfect time to check in on what you’ve got in your house and what you don’t need anymore. Additionally, the change…

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Weekend DIY Projects That Will Give You Something to Brag About

As people head back to the office, you might find yourself either missing your work from home set up, or might just be bored at the water cooler as your co-worker brags about their kitchen remodel. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with some fun DIY projects for your home…

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Kitchen Storage Ideas to Transform Your Space

If you’re an avid cook or just like to spend a lot of time in your kitchen, it’s easy to accidentally accumulate a lot of cooking utensils and appliances that now just take up space in your kitchen. Plus, buying things like spices here and there might not seem like…

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Notice: There is An International Storage Container Shortage

If you haven't heard, there is a severe worldwide storage container shortage. Unfortunately that means that here at Great Lakes Kwik Space, we are unable to facilitate the sales of storage containers at this time.   We are offering storage containers available for lease, and hope to restart container sales…

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Student Storage Solutions

A lot of students are moving out of dorms or student housing in the coming months, and might be wondering where to store their things in between leases, or in between school semesters. In order to avoid moving things from a dorm or apartment to a friend’s space, or back…

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Tips for Storing Your Winter Clothes During the Warmer Months

As the days get longer and temperatures begin heating up, having to keep your bulky winter parka or jacket in your closet might make your sweat just by looking at it. Getting your winter clothes out of sight and out of mind is a great feeling, and frees up a…

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Missed Spring Cleaning? It’s Not Too Late – Organizational Tips to Keep Your Home Decluttered This Summer

Did you miss your window for spring cleaning? As the weather gets warmer, are you now looking around your cluttered house and wondering what to do? Here are some organization ideas you can do today, or whenever you have a spare minute to spruce up your space.   Kitchen Organization…

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Sweating Your Schools’ COVID-19 Compliant Reopening? Mobile Storage Containers Could be the Answer to Overcrowded Schools

Sweating Your Schools’ COVID-19 Compliant Reopening? Mobile Storage Containers Could be the Answer to Overcrowded Schools Schools already often seem like they’re bursting at the seams, with outdated supplies, infrastructure, and an ever-increasing number of students. Add COVID-19 on top of that, and it can pose a problem for a…

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Upcoming Home Renovations? Save Yourself a Headache with Portable Storage

Upcoming Home Renovations? Save Yourself a Headache with Portable Storage   Are you stressing over your home’s upcoming renovation? Don’t want to overspend on monthly storage for your household items and furniture while your project is completed? Great Lakes Kwik Space can provide you with cost-effective residential portable monthly storage…

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