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How to Use Portable Storage Containers in Schools

Especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, schools have been met with increasing space issues that have only been exacerbated by social distancing regulations. Schools who already struggled with increasing populations and huge class sizes have since seemingly run out of room for students as they spread…

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Long Term Storage Solutions

There are a lot of reasons why you might find yourself suddenly researching long term storage solutions. Whether you’re in the military and have recently been assigned to a post overseas, or maybe have received an opportunity to further your schooling or otherwise move somewhere else for an extended period,…

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Customize Your Portable Storage with Accessories 

Once you make your purchase of a portable storage container, it’s time for the fun part: customizing it to fit your unique needs! Whether you need additional storage, lighting, or better use of the container itself through storage and shelving options, the possibilities are endless. No wonder so many people…

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Why Storage Containers are Necessary in Construction Sites 

For any successful construction project, it’s essential to incorporate good planning in every aspect. To garner the most top-tier work possible, and to meet all project deadlines, it’s imperative to have a well thought out strategy in place that will ensure these successes. When planning out your project strategy, your…

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Storage Container…Homes? Everything You Need to Know About the Newest Craze

As people explore alternative options to traditional living situations, especially post-COVID 19, many have turned to converting portable storage containers into homes. As this concept sweeps the nation, you might be left wondering how a portable storage container can even be made into a functioning home. The answer is actually…

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Purchasing a Portable Storage Container? Red Flags to Look Out for Before You Buy

Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned pro, it can be easy to overlook flaws in portable storage containers that are being offered by less-than-reputable sources. Luckily for you, Great Lakes Kwik Space has created an easy guide so you can avoid red flags and make sure you’re…

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Four Businesses That Benefit from Storage Containers

Portable storage containers are versatile and useful storage solutions that can serve a variety of residential and commercial needs. Whether you’re looking to save your company both money while giving them a little extra space for excess inventory or storage, or are looking for personal storage options, portable storage containers…

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Autumn Storage Tips – How to Change Seasons the Right Way

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but you shouldn’t just clean out your things and declutter your home once a year. That’s where autumn cleaning comes in. Fall is a perfect time to check in on what you’ve got in your house and what you don’t need anymore. Additionally, the change…

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Weekend DIY Projects That Will Give You Something to Brag About

As people head back to the office, you might find yourself either missing your work from home set up, or might just be bored at the water cooler as your co-worker brags about their kitchen remodel. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with some fun DIY projects for your home…

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