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Welcome to the Great Lakes Kwik Space blog. Our goal is to provide you with the latest information, ideas, and products on portable storage containers, storage, and offers. Please check back frequently for the latest news and events.

Reefer Containers: An Overview

Refrigerated containers, also known as reefer containers, are the perfect type of containers to provide an optimal temperature and humidity control. Reefer containers are ideal for transporting and storing perishable products, thanks to the air flow.  They are perfect for providing your business with an effective and trustworthy solution. At…

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How Businesses Can Be Set Anywhere with Portable Storage Containers

One of the innumerable benefits that portable storage containers offer is that they allow business owners to set their businesses anywhere. Although it may not always be a necessity, the truth is that, sometimes, business owners miss out on opportunities to promote and grow their businesses because they don’t have…

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6 Terms Everyone in the Shipping Industry Must Know

All major industries have a jargon, and the shipping industry is no exception. Whether you are new to the industry or have been in it for a long time, it is paramount to know this vocabulary. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get around and thrive in the industry. At…

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The Main Advantages of Container Shipping

It is not surprising that containerization still is the most efficient way for shipping goods. Shipping or storage containers are tools that facilitate the international maritime transportation of goods. They provide tremendous advantages to companies that know how to use them by making their operations much more efficient and profitable.…

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5 questions to Ask before Buying a Storage Container

In the 1950s, when modern shipping or portable storage containers were invented by Malcom Mclean, he was right to foresee the magnitude of the impact that it would have on, not only national but also global trade. However, it is unlikely that he thought that his industry-changing portable storage containers…

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Benefits of Storage Container Homes

It seems that storage container homes are becoming increasingly popular. At first glance, these types of homes look original, modern and, in most cases, beautiful. But the truth is that these are only extra characteristics container homes offer. People who own one of these housing units enjoy the benefits container…

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The 3 Busiest Container Ports in the World

Every year, thousands of container ships travel across the seas carrying all kinds of loads. Because of this, there are ports exclusively for this kind of ships, and many of them are strategically located in order to maximize efficiency. In this sense, these ports are the economic epicenter in the…

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Containers that Accommodate to Every Type of Need

The use of shipping or portable storage containers has become indispensable in today’s global trade. But their use has extended to other industries rather than just shipping. Nowadays, it is not rare to see restaurants, clothing stores or offices operating from shipping containers that have been altered with innovative designs.…

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The Very First Foundations of Containerization

The idea of using large boxes to ship goods goes back as far as the late 19th century. Although the invention of the shipping container as we know it today did not arise until the late 1950s, as we mentioned on a previous article, Origins of Containerization, companies in the…

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