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Welcome to the Great Lakes Kwik Space blog. Our goal is to provide you with the latest information, ideas, and products on portable storage containers, storage, and offers. Please check back frequently for the latest news and events.

How Storage Containers Have Changed the World

There have been some inventions that have changed people’s lifestyles and the world’s course dramatically. The wheel, the print, the light bulb, the TV and the radio, among many others, are all examples of this. Perhaps, the most recent invention that has had the greatest impact on people’s lifestyles, and…

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Why Storage Containers Are Necessary in Construction Sites

Good planning is indispensable for any successful construction project. A well-planned strategy will guarantee high-quality work that will meet all deadlines. A well-planned strategy must account for every single detail, always with the main goal of being as effective and efficient as possible. On-site logistics is, of course, a big…

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4 Essential Tips for Purchasing Storage Containers

Purchasing storage containers can be an excellent decision for your business and help you save tons of money. Portable storage containers provide a lot of benefits, particularly, because of their affordability. They are also very safe because portable storage containers are typically constructed from industrial grade steel to protect contents.…

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4 Common Uses for Storage Containers

Not too long ago, when businesses needed to move all of their belongings from one location to another, they had to get very creative. Then, portable storage containers were invented. Initially designed to help homeowners make moves easier, portable storage containers have revolutionized the way that people and business relocate.…

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3 Valuable Tips for Renting Storage Containers

Portable storage containers can be the answer to all of your storage problems. They offer a lot of versatility and are very affordable storage solutions. Renting portable storage containers is not only cost-effective but also incredibly practical. However, when it comes to renting a shipping container, there are a few…

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Deciding Whether to Buy or Rent a Shipping Container

Shipping or portable storage containers are indispensable in today’s global trade. Moreover, they have gone beyond their original purpose and now are also used as alternate storage facilities, restaurants, offices, and even homes, among other uses. They come in different sizes and with different specifications, adapting to all users’ particular…

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Understanding Shipping Containers Grades

One Trip Containers Nearly new, in top condition, having made only one trip from China. These are the best available! Second hand or used shipping storage containers for sale are a great option for those who don’t need a brand new container. Their price is considerably lower and they can be adapted…

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How to Correctly Load a Reefer Container

As we had mentioned in a previous article, “Reefer Containers: An Overview”, refrigerated containers are ideal for shipping or storing perishable products that need to be kept at a certain temperature so that they don’t go bad. Although reefer containers work wonders, there are some fundamental steps that must be…

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Reefer Containers: An Overview

Refrigerated containers, also known as reefer containers, are the perfect type of containers to provide an optimal temperature and humidity control. Reefer containers are ideal for transporting and storing perishable products, thanks to the air flow.  They are perfect for providing your business with an effective and trustworthy solution. At…

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