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Portable Storage for Home Remodels

Summer is here and now that the weather is warmer, there is no better time to tackle that long list of home remodels that you made during the winter. That also means that home remodelers are getting ready for these improvements projects, everything from new kitchens to additional rooms. When remodeling your home, things can get dirty and messy. Dust, paint, and debris will be flying around your home. But…

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Portable Storage vs. Self Storage

Moving… but I’m not sure what kind of storage solution I need.” This is among the most common comments storage professionals hear from prospective clients. With plenty of options available, customers don’t always know what solution will best fit their needs. Often, they will seek your expertise and guidance in helping them find a solution that will make their move a little bit easier. For this reason, you need to put…

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  Great Lakes Kwik Space is having a special on 20′ ONE TRIP gray storage containers. The 20’ storage containers are one of our most popular and versatile sizes. These 20′ units are small enough to fit in a parking space but are large enough to offer an impressive 1,161 cubic square feet of storage space. Our containers are constructed of the most durable corten steel and feature lockable cargo doors on one end….

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Many of our clients contact us overwhelmed by all of the different storage options available to them or unsure of what option will best suit their needs. At Great Lakes KWIK SPACE (GLKS), we offer storage containers and shipping containers in sizes ranging from 10ft to 48ft for rent or purchase. Deciding whether to rent or to buy a container is a hard decision for many of our customers. Renting…

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Greater Access and Less Hassle with Great Lakes KWIK SPACE

Once a standard ISO shipping container has been loaded it with all of your valuable items, they are only accessible through a single set of cargo doors located on one end of the storage container. Careful planning is required to make sure that you won’t need the one thing that has been placed at the very back of the storage container, hidden behind 20ft or 40ft worth of stored items….

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Storage Container Delivery Guide

At Great Lakes KWIK SPACE (GLKS) we get questions every day about what is necessary for successful delivery for your storage container or shipping container. Much like deciding on the size container you need or whether you should rent or buy your shipping container, it’s important to know what is necessary for an easy and successful delivery of your portable storage container. To that end, we at Great Lakes KWIK…

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Buy a Bike Box for Chicago Bike Week

Chicago Bike Week is coming up! In just a few short weeks, thousands of bicycle enthusiasts will come together for a week-long celebration of Chicago’s vibrant bike community. Are you ready? As a long term supporter of the Chicagoland cycling community, Great Lakes Kwik Space is proud to feature our Bike Boxes. Bike Boxes are shipping containers installed with a patented rack system that allows for quick, easy, and efficient…

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Using Paint for Company Branding

The secret’s been out for a while about the fantastic storage abilities of shipping containers—their strength and resilience makes them ideal to hold just about anything that can fit inside, keeping their contents safe with unrivaled steel protection. Companies and individuals have been taking advantage of the interior benefits of shipping containers for years, but what most people don’t know is that the benefits shouldn’t and don’t have to stay…

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