Portable Storage Containers

Our portable storage containers are made of heavy duty steel or aluminum siding. Most units have dual locking cam bars on each door so that you can put up to four padlocks on each container. In addition, many of our storage units feature a steel lock box on the doors where a padlock can be placed inside the steel box to hinder tampering. We also have some storage units where all the locking hardware is on the inside of the doors, leaving only a small slot on the outside where a lock can be placed for added protection.

10 Foot Units

Great for situations where real estate is in short supply and physical space is limited.
20 Foot Units

One twenty foot unit takes up exactly one standard size parking space.
40 Foot Units

Lots of room for inventory, supplies, or equipment.
40 Foot Hi-Cube Units

A 40 Ft Hi-Cube will hold up to 18 pallets!
45 Foot Hi-Cube Units

An extra foot of height makes these units perfect for racking systems, taller equipment, and double stacking pallet loads.
48 Foot Hi-Cube Units

For storing palletized inventory, these containers allow maximum utilization.
20 Foot Double Door Units

Double Door units are accessible from either end, allowing for flexibility in loading and unloading.
40 Foot Double Door Units

Lots of room for inventory, supplies, or equipment.
20 Foot Side Door Units

Useful in loading large objects which won’t fit through the standard opening on the end of the unit.