How Container Shipping Works

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The service of shipping goods by high-capacity and adequate ships that travel on regular fixed schedules is known as liner shipping. The cargo is inside containers that ensure that the products being shipped remain intact until they reach their final destination. It is a crucial aspect of global trade because most goods traveling by sea are carried this way. But, have you ever wondered about the logistics of such a…

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Origins of Containerization

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The use of shipping or storage containers, known as containerization, is indispensable in global trade today. As The Economist puts it, “containers have been more important to globalization than freer trade”. Despite the alternative uses storage containers may have, they remain being key to guarantee efficiency during shipping. It is hard to imagine a trading industry in which storage containers do not exist, but the truth is that they weren’t…

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Creative and Practical Uses for Storage Containers

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Storage containers are not only meant to store things. Though it was the notion that people had before, it is different nowadays. It is common to see storage containers in different scenarios being used for other purposes different from storing. This trend is because some people may not have or don’t want to spend much money to invest in infrastructure, or because they want to be creative and innovative in…

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4 Details You Should Know About Our Storage Trailers For Rent

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Great Lakes Kwik Space is a mostly business-to-business operation. But our shipping and storage containers are also available for rent and/or for sale to individuals all throughout Chicago and Chicagoland. Whether you’re running a retail store and are in need of an affordable and nearby space for excess inventory or if you’re an individual who is looking to store Christmas gifts on layaway until December, we’ve got your covered. Whatever…

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How Portable Storage Containers Allow Retailers To Cut Carbon And Save On Costs

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Portable Storage Containers Chicago and Chicagoland Services As the cost of transportation of large shipments by major retail companies continues to grow, the market remains ruthlessly competitive. And with what feels like an irreversible rise in population, high demand has caused the carbon footprint of large companies to continually increase at an alarming rate. This leaves major retail production and distribution companies with two incentives to modify their policies with…

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Insulating Your Shipping Container

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If you plan on spending any time in your shipping container, it’s essential you insulate it. America’s climate can be harsh at times, with hot summers and freezing winters meaning your container should be appropriately prepared. Although we have seen container repurposing boom as of recently, shipping containers were never designed to accommodate humans. Furthermore, they are essentially solid steel boxes, which leave them susceptible to the elements. This includes…

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A Series Of Scenarios Illustrating GLKS’s Value To The Food Industry

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Great Lakes Kwik Space provides 20 foot and 40 foot walk-in refrigerated freezer and cooler storage containers. No matter how much extra stuff you need to keep cool, cold, or frozen, we’ve got a home for it. We offer our containers all throughout Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area, including certain parts of southern Wisconsin. Want to learn more? Have a look at our website. Scenario 1: A Restaurant Owner’s…

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20 Footers, 40 Footers, And Why They’re Great

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We sell and rent storage containers to clients in and around the greater Chicago area. It would be our pleasure to make you our newest customer. We promise that by picking Great Lakes Kwik Space as your storage containers Chicago provider, you are picking the best. Here’s what you need to know about the advantages of each of the various sized containers that we provide. The 20 Footers To help…

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Buy a Bike Box for Chicago Bike Week

Chicago Bike Week is coming up! In just a few short weeks, thousands of bicycle enthusiasts will come together for a week-long celebration of Chicago’s vibrant bike community. Are you ready? As a long term supporter of the Chicagoland cycling community, Great Lakes Kwik Space is proud to feature our Bike Boxes. Bike Boxes are shipping containers installed with a patented rack system that allows for quick, easy, and efficient…

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Using Paint for Company Branding

The secret’s been out for a while about the fantastic storage abilities of shipping containers—their strength and resilience makes them ideal to hold just about anything that can fit inside, keeping their contents safe with unrivaled steel protection. Companies and individuals have been taking advantage of the interior benefits of shipping containers for years, but what most people don’t know is that the benefits shouldn’t and don’t have to stay…

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