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Welcome to the Great Lakes Kwik Space blog. Our goal is to provide you with the latest information, ideas, and products on portable storage containers, storage, and offers. Please check back frequently for the latest news and events.

Why Shipping Containers for Portable Storage?

For many the time has already come and gone but for you, today may be the day when you are making a critical decision regarding your storage needs.  You have already visited the local mega hardware stores’ selection of tin sheds that are constructed as sturdy as a toy you…

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The Kwik Space Bike Box can be set up in either a 20’ or 40’ portable storage container. Your Bike Box uses a specially designed, patented bracket along with security strapping and a very well designed, functional hanging hook for easy storage. The 20’ Bike Box only takes up one…

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Creative Uses – 20ft Portable Storage Containers – Superman Movie Set

November 23, 2011 - Plano, IL [caption id="attachment_191" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photography provided by Chris & Don MacAskill[/caption] The new Superman movie, The Man of Steel, will be released in December of 2012.  The town of Plano, Illinois has gone through a dramatic change.  Hollywood and the Warner Brothers mega million-dollar…

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Customize Your Portable Storage Container with Accessories

Customize your portable storage container with accessories Now life has become even easier with a customized portable storage container that will help you get better organized.  You know you need extra storage, and you realize you want to maximize the storage and capacity of your container.  Instead of just a…

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Portable Storage Helps Prevent Construction Tools Theft

If you work in the construction business you need  the right construction tools to do your work properly – sometimes you may need special tools or machinery depending on the scope. Your tool inventory probably includes many expensive items, large items, machinery, special tools, and even rental equipment. If these…

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Building Hybrid Green Homes out of Shipping Containers

Sustainable thinking and design is leading the way by using shipping containers to build innovative homes. The practice is a diverse and full-service design collaborative that examines and explores practical ways to integrate client needs, project cost limitations, physical construction, energy conservation opportunities and innovation with local climate and living…

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Container turned into a Sandwich Shop

Watch the latest video at <a href="http://video.foxnews.com" mce_href="http://video.foxnews.com">video.foxnews.com</a>

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Why On Site Portable Storage Containers Have Grown in Popularity Over the Past Few Years

Need a place to store seasonal or surplus inventory? Need convenience and fast access? Need secure and durable storage? Need temporary storage? Need temporary office? If you answered yes; then secure steel portable storage containers are your holy grail. On-site portable storage containers are portable and meant for the accomplishment…

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Odd and Innovative Uses for Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage cargo containers provide many unique and innovative uses.  While they are sturdy, durable, and secure; they also have amazing possibilities.  And with all the custom modifications and applications available, your mind is the only limit. Allow your mind’s creativity to imagine all that is possible and see what…

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